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Here are some great ways you can have fun fundraising for us. Or, of course, you can donate directly!

Please tell us your plans and achievements through Twitter #doit4orphans or contact us directly.

Go big. Go online:

1:  Set yourself a challenge & collect sponsorship – from climbing a mountain to clearing an area of rubbish – or compete in an externally-organised event, like a cycle challenge.

Right: Trustee, Robyn Cox, illustrates one way you could promote it to attract sponsorship.

2:  Do something zany for sponsorship – like shave your head, dye your hair, grow a beard – don’t forget to share the photographs on social media for maximum support.
Fundraise for us using Virgin Money Giving

Get sponsorship for such activities by setting up a fundraising page on Virgin Money Giving:

Involve your friends, community, colleagues or school-mates:

Sell tickets, charge for entry (or exit!) and/or get sponsorship for…

3.  A raffle – perhaps at an existing event, party, music or comedy gig… You might be able to get a local business to donate a prize.

4.   A ‘guess who the baby is’ photo competition or a guess the number of sweets in a jar, or number of balloons in a car, or exact weight of a cake, or the name of a teddy…

5.  A sports competition – five-a-side football, penalty shoot-out, rugby, tennis, squash, rounders, netball, golf, volleyball, spinning a hula hoop, completing an obstacle course, welly-throwing… You could even play in fancy dress!

6.  A fancy-dress party, quiz night, magic show, fashion show, joke-athon, disco, barn dance, karaoke night, poetry night, film night, world food night, bingo, treasure hunt, marathon board game, speed jigsaw race, kite-flying competition…

7.  Use your talents – put on a concert or an exhibition of your art, crafts, photography – or organise an exhibition of others’ talents, or themed photographs or…


8.  Organise an auction – you could auction off your talents, not only things.

9.  Organise a car boot or jumble sale.

10.  Sell your art works, crafts, jewellery, photographs, plants, flowers… at a fair.

11.  Give up – and get others to give up – something for a period & give the amount saved to TAO – e.g. buying coffee or lunch (you can make your own), chocolate, crisps, alcohol… Or have a ‘Fast Day’ lunch – a simple lunch in solidarity with people living in poverty, and give the money you save.

12.  Get sponsored to go without for a period – magazines, computer games, food… speaking?

13.  Having a birthday? Getting married? Ask your friends and family to give donations instead of gifts.

14.  Make a profit from selling donuts and other things some organisations will sell cheap for fundraising – e.g. Krispy Kreme (

15.  Wash cars or provide some other charged service for those around you.

Particularly great ideas for fundraising at school:

16.  Get teachers to do something zani – like having their beard or head shaven – and get everyone to sponsor them. Or get them to agree to having wet sponges thrown at them & charge per sponge!

Collecting coppers for charity

On the day these school children gave their collected coppers to charity, each class emptied their coppers into a designated piece of a flower marked out on the floor – to the delight of the charity.

17.  Collect coppers & get all your school friends to do so, too – make it a competition, or set a challenge to make the coppers into a mile-long line – maybe your school will get each class to collect and compete between the classes.

18.  Charge for painting faces or braiding hair or…

19.  Sell something you’ve made at your school – maybe cakes or amazing drinks.

20.  Organise a Hopscotch contest.

21.  Sell or swap unwanted clothes with your friends – charge them a small amount for doing so.