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Nov 16 2012

TAO’s Annual Report announces new projects, new partner & new off-shoot – TAO-Uganda

Trust for Africa’s Orphans’ (TAO) 2011 Annual Report is very pleased to welcome the creation of TAO-Uganda, a fully-independent Ugandan charity that will take forward projects using TAO’s well tried and proven approach.  TAO-Uganda has a well-qualified Ugandan Board of Trustees and is already delivering our Comic Relief-funded project ‘Establishing commercial sunflower businesses in Pader’.

TAO-Uganda was formally registered on 24 November 2011 and the details of its operations were finalised during early 2012.  TAO-Uganda is entirely independent from TAO in the UK, but the Board and staff of TAO are delighted to aid the development of capacity within Uganda to apply our proven approach.

TAO’s Annual Report also announces the formalising of a partnership with Kulika Uganda to deliver our DFID-funded project, ‘Women’s commercial farming: Lira, Apac and Oyam sub-counties’.

The two projects are, between them, expected to support around 15,000 orphans and other vulnerable children in northern Uganda by enabling previously internally-displaced women – mostly widows – to farm commercially.

TAO Chairman, Iain Knapman, said:

“We are very happy with the progress to date on both projects.  They are our first projects supporting our beneficiaries by improving their access to commercial markets, as well as applying our proven approach in increasing agricultural productivity. Accessing markets is in many ways a much more challenging task and we are working closely with our delivery partners to develop effective and sustainable ways to connect small farmers with larger markets.”

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