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Sep 13 2014

TAO’s 2013 Annual Report celebrates 20 great years

Trust for Africa’s Orphans’ TAO Annual Report 2013 demonstrates the great success of the approach TAO has developed over its 20 years of working in Uganda.

African orphans

TAO’s work keeps orphans and vulnerable children in their communities – well fed, healthy and able to attend school.

Approved at TAO’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), held at Uganda House on 10 September, the Annual Report celebrates TAO’s work in Lira, Apac and Oyam Districts, which independent evaluations described as a ‘“Hugely innovative” market-access project [and] a “great success”’, generating excellent return on donors’ investment (May 2014 announcement).

Particularly exciting, says Chairman Iain Knapman, is TAO’s current project in the Pader District of northern Uganda, funded by Comic Relief and due to be completed in early 2015.

“Our Pader project applies the innovative and highly effective approach we developed in Lira to assist smallholder farmers to gain access to commercial markets. As this is our first project in Pader, we are also working intensively to build the farmers’ agricultural skills, especially in addressing the impacts of climate change and the environmental degradation caused by the decades of conflict in the area.”

TAO’s Annual Report also provides details about its most recently begun project, which is in Kole and Dokolo Districts. Funded by The Baring/Ellerman Foundations, this project involves an in-depth process to build communities’ respect for the land rights and other rights of women, children and other groups of vulnerable people. It is due to be completed in mid-2016.

The Kole and Dokolo project involves very sensitive work with communities still suffering a great deal from the impact of the conflict in northern Uganda. TAO is working in partnership with FAPAD, which is highly skilled in mediation and building community relations. TAO is also drawing on its experience in the Lira project, where setting up farmer groups had the great benefit of creating much-needed improvement in gender and community relations.

Iain Knapman said:

“We are very excited about both our current projects. We would, however, very much like to extend our work and are seeking further funding to do so. Word has spread of the success of our projects in Lira and Pader, and many communities have asked us to train them in agriculture and environmental management skills and help them set up farmer cooperatives.

“With our partner organisations – TAO-Uganda and Kulika Uganda – both now experienced in running such projects, we are particularly keen to build on our land rights work in Kole and Dokolo Districts. We would welcome interest from potential donors!”

At the AGM, Iain thanked all TAO’s donor, staff and Trustees. As always, Coordinator Joy Mugisha has very effectively managed all the day to day challenges, supported this year by TAO’s new Finance Officer & Projects Assistant, Merium Khan. Iain expressed his appreciation to all his fellow Trustees and announced the sad retirement of Nick Hetherington after 12 years with TAO.

Iain also thanked the current fundraising challenges, including Joy Mugisha’s fun-run, Trustee Robyn Cox’s 21x21mile walk and 11 and 10 year old sisters’ busking – kids doing it for kids.

Download the TAO Annual Report 2013.


Joy Mugisha completes her first ever competitive run; Robyn Cox sets off on her 21×21 mile walk for TAO’s 21st; and 11 year old Darcey and 10 year old Erin Snape busk in Oxford for TAO.

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