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Dec 27 2015

Two Trustees needed to transform lives

Helping orphans

Our Trustees create life-long opportunities for thousands of orphans

Financial and accounting expert?  OR

Experienced in African agriculture?

As we sadly farewell two long-standing Trustee / Directors, we’re seeking two experts with experience and passion for transforming lives in Africa.

The great bulk of our funding goes to our Ugandan projects, so our UK office has only two staff members. Our Trustees / Directors therefore play a key, hands-on role. You will need to be willing to commit to Board meetings and meetings with the staff during working-hours, and to travelling to Uganda every few years for 1-2 weeks (at a time that suits you).

Treasurer: You’ll have expertise in finance and accounting matters, knowledge of the Sage accounting system, and the experience of business management in an African context needed to take oversight of the expenditure by our Ugandan partner organisations.

Agricultural expert: You’ll have the understanding of agricultural and sustainable development issues in Africa be able to help develop project plans and prepare winning fundraising proposals, and to provide oversight and input to the effective implementation of agri-business projects by our African partners.

Trustee visiting project

Trustee / Director visiting one of our projects.

We are recruiting for the above two roles. But if you’d like to help us but either don’t bring these specific skills or are unable to commit to the time required, please do get in touch to discuss other opportunities.

See our Jobs & volunteer roles page for details of roles and application process.

Jan 16 2015

Fundraising volunteer needed to transform lives

Trust for Africa’s Orphans (TAO) operates on a minimal budget in the UK so that every possible pound goes to support orphans, vulnerable children and impoverished communities in northern Uganda.

These children have futures because their communities can now make a living from agriculture thanks to TAO's support.

These children have futures because their communities can now make a living from agriculture thanks to TAO’s support.

You will transform lives if you are willing to give your time voluntarily and have the fundraising skills to help us attract new funding from institutional donors, trusts, companies or high net worth individuals. You can mostly work from home and in your own time.

Interested? Find out more about this Volunteer Role.

Mar 23 2014

Life-changing fundraising volunteer needed

“I have no words to express my happiness… God bless all of you.”

So said Conny, who was orphaned at the age of 16, becoming the head of the house for her seven siblings. Conny was then raped and had another infant, and then the young family was evicted from their home and six acres by her uncle. Thanks to our support, a land settlement was negotiated and Conny was helped to establish a sustainable farm and improve the family’s home and hygiene. See Individuals’ stories.

Conny is just one of the thousands of individuals whose lives have been improved dramatically through Trust for Africa’s Orphans’ projects.

But we want to do more and you can help us.

We need a fundraising expert to lead our fundraising approaches to major donors and corporates. This will be a challenging and hugely satisfying role that will directly change the lives of thousands of orphans, vulnerable children, widows and others affected by decades of conflict and displacement in northern Uganda. If you could do this, find out more on our Job & Volunteer Roles page.

Of course, you could also help us by donating directly! Visit Donate now.