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TAO’s projects are delivered through local partners, under the scrutiny and oversight of TAO’s Directors and staff. Since 2011 we have worked with two lead partners,Trust for Africa’s Orphans Uganda and Kulika Uganda.  Facilitation for Peace and Development (FAPAD) is an additional partner in our land advocacy work. As Our history explains, in earlier projects our key delivery partner was the ‘Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans’ (UWESO).

TAO Uganda (TAOU) was officially created in late 2011, with a well qualified Ugandan Board of Trustees. Although independent of TAO in the UK, we helped to register the new NGO and are delighted to share our years of experience, successful project methodology and management know-how with it. TAO expects to work in partnership with TAOU on many, but not necessarily all of our projects. We also expect that TAOU will seize the fundraising opportunities that are only available to Ugandan-registered charities, and manage many of its own projects. Further information can be found on


Kulika Advisory Committee and staff in Lira, northern Uganda

Kulika Uganda is an NGO that trains farmers in environmentally-friendly farming and land management. Over several years our projects have frequently used Kulika’s trained extension workers, giving us experience and confidence in working with Kulika as our partner. Founded in 1981, Kulika’s training includes experiential learning, practical work, on-farm experimentation and demonstrations at its training centre.  As well as developing skills in all areas of farming and agro-forestry, Kulika teaches communities about rights, the roles and responsibilities of men and women, and marketing matters. Further information can be found on

Through TAOU and Kulika, we also work with a number of other partners and ensure coordination and sharing with other NGOs working in the same region. In working to help re-settle displaced persons in northern Uganda, we also work closely with organisations specialising in land issues. This is a particularly important issue for women and orphans, as they can have the greatest difficulties in regaining the land that is rightfully theirs.

FAPAD Prog Co-ordinator

Jonathan Odur, FAPAD Programme Co-ordinator, showing one of the ‘Teddies for Tragedy’ made by a group of women in Guildford, UK, for children suffering trauma, such as being orphaned.

Facilitation for Peace and Development (FAPAD) has worked with us on a number of projects to help resolve conflicts over land ownership.  FAPAD trains project beneficiaries on land ownership legalities and mediation skills. Where disputes can’t be resolved through mediation, FAPAD provides legal aid, counselling and guidance. It also specialises in child rights advocacy and HIV/AIDS awareness creation. Further information can be found on

Our partner Kulika has also worked closely with the Uganda Land Alliance (ULA), a consortium of civil society organisations and individuals that works to enhance access, control, and ownership of land by the poor and marginalised. ULA has a dedicated Women’s Land Rights Programme that advocates for change by local governments and works to influence customary, religious and opinion leaders to help change the male-dominated culture and community structures.

As well as working with partners to deliver our projects, TAO contributes to a number of UK and European networks in order to help influence European development programmes and policies for Africa.