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The creation of TAO shows what can be achieved when two women really want to make a difference.

The first woman was the wife of the President of Uganda, Mrs Janet Museveni, who founded the ‘Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans’ (UWESO) in 1986 as a way to help the large number of orphans created by the devastating civil war that ended in 1986.  See Why Uganda?

TAO Coordinator in Uganda

Joy Mugisha, TAO Company Secretary and Programme Coordinator, visiting partner organisation FAPAD, in Uganda.

The second woman was Mrs Joy Mugisha, a Ugandan woman living in the UK.  After being asked by Mrs Museveni whether she could help raise funds in the UK, Joy recruited expert Directors and personally inspired major donors to back the projects being undertaken by UWESO.  The charity began work in May 1993, and was registered as the UWESO UK Trust in 1998.  Since then, we have funded 20 UWESO projects in 28 districts. See Case Study for a typical example of our major projects.

In 2009 we became Trust for Africa’s Orphans – TAO.  The key reasons for this change were to enable TAO to work with a wider range of partners, potentially including partners outside Uganda, and to have a name more closely identified with our beneficiaries.

During 2011 TAO supported the establishment of an independent organisation, TAO Uganda (TAOU), and began working with TAO and with Kulika Uganda to deliver two key projects.  See Partners and Current Projects for further details.

Life returns to the North video

UWESO projects map
UWESO’s many projects marked on a wall map.



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