Trust for Africa's Orphans

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Achieving our mission

Achieving our mission: giving orphaned children food security, good health, clean water, decent accommodation and stong hopes for the future.

TAO’s Vision:

Orphans and vulnerable children of rural East Africa growing up within their own communities, enjoying good health, food security and future income prospects.

TAO’s Mission:

Provide funding and expertise to enable and empower communities to establish environmentally-sustainable, small-scale commercial farms that generate incomes and good nutrition and health for families with orphans in rural east Africa.


Our principles

Every TAO project is:

  1. Designed and implemented with communities’ full involvement and commitment.
  2. Intended to enable orphans and the families who care for them to remain in their local environs – we never displace children or villages.
  3. Based on the local values and customs, not on European or Western cultures or styles of charitable assistance.
  4. Designed to complement the work of other NGOs operating in a given area.
  5. Undertaken in co-operation with local and regional governmental bodies.
Our principles

Our projects are designed and implemented with the full involvement of the local community.

Key outcomes

Each of our integrated projects is intended to:

  1. Give people secure rights to the land they farm.
  2. Make sure that each participating family develops the understanding and skills to maintain and further develop small-scale commercial farming operations.
  3. Enable the farming ventures to become economically and environmentally sustainable.
  4. Give participating communities the skills, knowledge and infrastructure to establish Farmer Groups and Cooperatives through which they can sell at commercial prices to major buyers.
  5. Encourage the approach to be adopted by neighbouring families and communities.
Self-sustaining farming

Our projects develop the skills and Farmer Groups to ensure farming ventures are self-sustaining – environmentally and economically.