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Lasting change

Better household prospects give orphans much better access to secondary schooling and future prospects.

TAO enables families caring for orphans and vulnerable children to look after them better, including through improved farming, better understanding, access to clean water and removing barriers to attending school.

Developing individuals’ skills, confidence and know-how is key to achieving lasting change. It is also important that the projects provide the shared infrastructure that the project beneficiaries need, such as storage facilities and collection and distribution centres.

Watch our videos to hear their own story.

Thanks to TAO and other NGOs supporting small-holders, small farmers are beginning to gain better access to markets, to understand their rights better and to be supported by local authorities and government.


Vocational skills

Training in vocational skills creates lasting change.

Individuals’ lives turned around

Thousands of individuals’ lives have been saved by giving families the chance to produce sustainable incomes, thanks to better farming techniques – from using animal and plant waste to fertilise crops, to grafting trees to grow seedlings or making beeswax – and access to commercial markets.  See Individuals’ stories.

5 – 8 children are supported by each household participating in our projects.

The participants have used their new skills, confidence and income to:

  • Send children to school (secondary schools charge fees)
  • Afford medicines
  • Set up other small businesses
  • Construct / improve their house and sanitation facilities

Many others are helped, as participants share their new skills and assist others in their communities to improve their farming, set up businesses, build houses, construct water tanks and much more.

Map of our projects & LRA activity

Over our 22 projects, TAO has worked in many districts of Uganda. Most recently we have focused on northern Uganda, in the areas of Uganda most affected by the war with the LRA (see inset map).

Savings are pooled in some communities to support individuals’ needs as they arise – from weddings and funerals to paying for school books.



TAO has implemented

22 projects,

covering 28 districts