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Monitoring projects

Project progress is monitored throughout implementation.

TAO raises funding from UK and other non-African sources. Almost all of this funding goes directly to our African projects, delivered through our local Partners.

TAO’s expert Directors and staff provide the scrutiny and oversight to ensure that all the projects we fund achieve their aims and deliver excellent results. We employ careful monitoring and evaluation systems.

TAO Directors also share their extensive agricultural expertise and experience of working in Africa by personally visiting each major project to identify opportunities to improve the outcomes.



Strong cost control

TAO operates with minimum overheads – just one Coordinator and one part-time assistant, supported extensively by highly involved, un-paid Directors.

TAO rigorously exams and challenges our partners to ensure that costs are minimised, including field staff numbers, office facilities, transport, asset purchases and consumable goods. Throughout projects we encourage an attitude of being frugal.

Co-operation, not duplication

The scale of needs in eastern Africa is vast, making it essential that support is not wasted and that funding is not skewed such that one area is well supported and another neglected.

To help ensure a fair spread of support, before funding a project, TAO ensures we are not duplicating the efforts of other organisations providing similar support, and that we are coordinated fully with the work of local and regional government and with organisations working in complementary fields, such as healthcare and education.

TAO Director visits project

TAO Directors visit projects to scrutinise implementation and share agricultural expertise and project and financial management skills.

Excellent project management, monitoring & evaluation

TAO’s staff and Directors use their project management skills to ensure that our projects are on track – challenging our partners regularly to deliver the very best outcomes.

TAO has also developed a tailored monitoring and evaluation system that allows us both to determine the effectiveness of our projects, and to assess progress at every level – down to the individual farmer. The latter information can be used by our field-workers to help communities and individual farmers improve their performance. It also enables us to assess and demonstrate the effectiveness of farming approaches, such as the value of organic fertilisers.

The results are well demonstrated in our Lira, Apac & Oyam Project 2011-13 – Summary & Evaluation.

Agricultural expertise

Extensive work is being undertaken in Africa and around the world to improve farming; from drought-resistant plant varieties to better livestock breeds.

By working with local and regional government and other partners, our projects ensure communities become familiar with working with organisations able to give them ongoing access to the best seed and animal stocks.

In addition, during the project, TAO’s agricultural experts visit major projects to ensure that they use appropriate approaches to achieve the best outcomes.