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Fundraising dance
These Ugandan women are dancing in celebration of TAO’s work. You could organise your own dance as a fundraiser to help them.

Fundraising can be an excellent excuse for setting a challenge or organising a fun-day for yourself or a group in which you are involved. Here are a few ideas, many of which have previously raised valuable funds for TAO.

If you would like to discuss your idea with to make sure you have all the right information and support we can give you, please contact: Joy Mugisha on + 44 (0)1932 269877 or by email

Sponsored bike-rides, marathons, swims, hikes…

Set yourself a challenge – gain the satisfaction of complete an amazing physical feat, while also saving lives. Or you could invent a zany way to get sponsored – shave your head, grow a beard, wearing silly clothes to work, go without chocolate… be inventive.Most recently, Peter Burnham raised £3,364 for TAO by completing the London to Paris Cycle Challenge. His achievement was fantastic when you hear his confession that when he started training he had to walk his bike half of the 2.5 mile route to work!

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Auction or car boot sale

How about raising money for TAO while getting rid of unwanted things. You could sell through a car boot sale or eBay and donate some or all of your takings to TAO.

Sports tournaments, dances, parties, concerts…

What better excuse than fundraising to organise and sell tickets to that sports tournament you want to hold – be it golf, tennis, squash or other?

If that sounds too active, how about organising and selling tickets to a fancy-dress party, quiz night, disco, barn dance, film night, world food night or treasure hunt?

If you have individual talent or are part of a choir, band or orchestra your entertainment could generate funds for TAO.

As well as having fun in the way you most enjoy, you could donate all or part of your ticket sales, or take a collection for TAO as part of the event.

Be inventive

You know your contacts and your potential donors best – be inventive about ways to raise money from them. Here’s a tempting idea to get your creative juices following – how about organising a friendly get-together to bag up seconds or clearance-line chocolates and sell them to colleagues and friends just before Christmas?