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Helping Africa's orphans

TAO works to give orphans and vulnerable children of rural East Africa the chance to grow up within their own communities, enjoying good health, food security and future income prospects.

Since 1993, Trust for Africa’s Orphans (TAO) has worked with effective African delivery partners to provide the resources and training small land-holders need to set up sustainable farms. By enabling them to generate income, we enable families – especially female-headed households – to support thousands of orphans and other vulnerable children in their own communities.

Our work has focused on Uganda, including northern Uganda, which is still recovering from more than 20 years of conflict. Death, internal displacement and abject poverty have been widespread. Combined with the consequences of HIV/AIDS, one in seven children in Uganda is an orphan. Many areas of Uganda have poor access to water. Learn more on Why Uganda?

TAO UK brings the funding and expertise needed to ensure all projects are well managed, based on agricultural best-practice and properly monitored and evaluated. Learn more about our Partners.

TAO is a United Kingdom registered charity (number 1069208), with no religious or political affiliations.  We started operating in 1993, and were first registered as a charity in 1998. We are also registered as a company, number: 3473165.

Investing in sustainable, healthy futures

Plentiful crops

TAO project beneficiaries grow more and a greater, healthier variety of foods.

Throughout Africa, HIV/AIDS is creating millions of orphans and single-parents, particularly female-headed families. This problem is intensified greatly in areas of current and recent conflict. Wide-spread problems of drought and poor land-use exacerbate rural difficulties still further. Malnutrition and disease are rife.

In the often forlorn hope of earning money, millions of people – including children – move into Africa’s already over-crowded, poverty-stricken and crime-ridden city slums.

To help avoid such problems, TAO enables rural livelihoods to be created by the households that look after orphans and vulnerable children.

By managing their small holdings effectively, communities build self-sufficient livelihoods, look after their environment sustainably and have a healthier and more varied diet – which is vitally important for children and those suffering from disease.

Lasting success

TAO UK was created to raise funds and provide expertise to support projects run by our original Ugandan partner – see Our History and Why Uganda?.

We have developed a distinctive approach with proven long term success in setting up sustainable farming operations and giving local communities access to land and the skills, infrastructure and confidence to share the success with neighbouring communities and address other challenges.

TAO is now working with our Partners to build on this successful approach and enable smallholder farmers to work together to sell in bulk, at market prices to commercial buyers.

TAO’s successful approach

Project beneficiaries

TAO projects provide the thorough training that allows communities to develop the skills and know-how to develop sustainable farms and incomes.